Mormon Times
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Be joyful and righteous, LDS women told at general women's session
During the women's session of the LDS Church's 187th Semiannual General Conference, leaders asked women to deepen their knowledge of God.
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Music and the Spoken Word: The Tabernacle — a beloved friend
The Tabernacle on Temple Square has been the well-known home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 150 years. Millions have entered these walls since it was completed in 1867, and millions more will enter for years to come.
Mike Hansen, Affirmation
Mormon gays, parents work to build bridges at 40th Affirmation conference
"When I am broken and when I need help, I can turn to (God) at any time," one father said. "I want my son to know he has that same relationship with me. That I let him be in charge of his own life, and when he needs me, I'll be there for him."