Brynn Anderson, Associated Press
Inside the newsroom: Students have loudest voices in school shooting
Fifteen more funerals will take place in the next few days, the crushing result of a gunman's rampage in Parkland, wrecking families and now challenging a school community to recover. It is no longer time to look to Washington, D.C.
Park Dong-ju, Yonhap
Marc Thiessen: Despite the Olympic glow, North Korea remains in darkness
Instead of normalizing the regime, this should be an opportunity to educate the massive Olympic audience about the realities of life in North Korea under the murderous Kim crime family.
J. Scott Applewhite, AP
Marc Thiessen: Senators raise serious questions that should trouble all Americans
If you're concerned about Russia meddling in our election, as every American should be, then you should be deeply concerned about unverified allegations by Russian government officials.